applaying animal behavior algorithms in social science

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I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction; a starting point is all I need:

In my dissertation I would like to apply algorithms that I found in the Journal of Swarm Behavior to a research question in social sciences. I am hoping to be able to predict if, when and under what circumstances my "animals" decide to go with the potential food sources, i.e. when do my "bees" in the bee algorithm decide to use a food source and when would they abandon it. The explaining variables would be a mixture of continuous, ordinal, and binomial variables.

Since I have never worked with anything besides panel data and logit models in Stata, I wonder (a) what program to use, (b) how to get the algorithm in the software, and (c) how to structure my data.

In the social sciences we have the Sage publications: each little green booklet outlines one specific method and gives you the basics. Is there something like that on algorithms? The journal articles I read on Swarm Intelligence algorithms outline the algorithm and how it performs. The methods sections are not specific on how it is done. I assume this is common knowledge in your discipline so I am hoping that someone can tell me which book or article to read in order to teach myself the necessary skills.
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What about searching for published studies on animal behaviour
which use the very models which you want to apply on human
behaviour, and in those papers you look for the software they
used and how they implemented the algorithms? If this is not
explained in detail or not referenced, you could contact the
respective authors directly.

Just my 2pence