Applied Statistics Help

For a course, I need to superficially understand an applied statistical approach from a research paper.
Here is the URL for the research paper:
In this paper an Intention-To-Treat (ITT) analysis was done, so the efficacy of each group is analyzed using the data of the people that were originally randomly assigned to that group. From my understanding, an ITT analysis does not follow a specific formula, but is rather a principal that is used while analyzing data. In this case the ITT principal was used to complete a 2 tailed t test and a 2 tailed chi square test. The t test determines if there is a difference between the two treatment groups, the chi square test determines if the outcome is independent of the treatment, and the ITT analysis is applied to those tests to reduce bias in the results and increase generalizability.


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Beyond the per protocol and as treated options, another is using weights to try and restore the original intention of the design.