Applying bell curve

I am currently having a difficulty with applying the bell curve into our performance management system and i hope you could help advise me on this.
Here is the issue:
in order to improve fairness and tighten the connection between individual performance to the performance of the business units. Our current Performance management system have to apply bell shape, however we don’t want to apply one shape for all business units, we want to apply different shapes for different units according to the performance of each unit which mean higher performance units tend to have more staff on high scale too and reverse.
But we are currently stuck with How to define the appropriate distribution of staff on scales according to the different scales of units?
Many Thanks!


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So you are trying to take their natural distribution and make them bell curves? What are the natural underlying distributions?
Thanks hlsmith.
yes we want to create a bell curve distribution according to unit's rating and make it become a guiding for business units so that the manager can do their assessment appropriately. here is our natural distribution. Natural distribution.png