Arch Challenge

How is fluxbox? easy to use? Any tips/tricks you could share?
It is very very minimal, which makes it lightning fast. You need to add all of the functionality, which is done by editing config files - or throwing downloaded style files in certain folders.

You want a menu? Edit the menu file.
You want a toolbar adjustment. Edit the toolbar config file.
You want a unity style launcher, edit the slit and get dockapps... oh and don't forget to load your own icons!

However once you have done all that, you ship our system (i.e. your homefolder) to a backup drive or dropbox and
you are set for as long as they keep supporting fluxbox.

Oh and did I mention it was lightning fast? ;)


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It's been a while since this has seen any activity. I was just wondering if TE and bugman are still with Arch or if they've switched to something else.


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Still with arch on my laptop Dason. Linux mint 14 on my desktop.

But absolutley love Arch. Still got XFCE (not a big fan), but will change when I get a RAM update on the lappy.

Has anyone used Gentoo?

Looks impossibly difficult...


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Not sure really Dason, just can seem to get my head around it like I do with gnome. I don't dis like it, I just seem to fing configuring it less intuative than others I have tried.
It's been a while since this has seen any activity. I was just wondering if TE and bugman are still with Arch or if they've switched to something else.

I'm still running Arch on my MSI GT680, still happy with it. On my work laptop I moved to Crunchbang linux. It's very lightweight and has a fluxbox look and feel (you edit menu files to add items, and control most things via the terminal). I like it, fast and no-nonesense.


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I missed this thread. Seems you guys were having lots of fun.

I will try ARCH and other distros once I become a prof/faculty. Till then ..... Hail Ubuntu


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Ugh - Ubuntu.

I used to like Ubuntu. I don't even mind Unity as an interface - but the implementation is just way too resource heavy. I can't use it on my crappy laptop.

I just realized that now that my exam is written and I don't have any homework to do I could switch distros again without it messing up my workflow too much... I guess I'll be installing ArchBang tomorrow :D


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I'd be jealous but at least I don't have things all around me that could kill me easily.

Oh wait no I still am jealous :(


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Though I may do a build in a VM once I get a new hard drive, after watching the first several of these videos, I think I'd be just as fine building up my own Debian system. These were instructive, nonetheless. I assume there's a point at which you can set up LVM and an encrypted drive in Arch. Is it as straight-forward as in Debian (just one of the partitioning options)? I'm still debating if I want a whole encrypted drive or simply an encrypted space (that would be be shared with Dropbox, as a lot of my home directory is synced).