Are the sum values 'No' and 'Not informed' in the Odds Ratio analysis correct? See the example.

In a hypothetical study I am trying to assess whether the presence of allergy is a risk factor for the presence of any virus. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied on which many individuals marked "yes" or "no" for the presence of allergy. Those who did not complete the questionnaire were labeled as "not informed". The data was crossed with the “presence” or “absence” of the virus, and as a result table 1 was generated.

In order to analyze the Odds Ratio, the values that were labeled as “not allergic” were added to those that did not inform this condition on the questionnaire, and as a result table 2 was generated. Then, from table 2, Odds Ratio was calculated using the statistical software PAST3.

My question is whether am I on the right track for this type of analysis, which I don’t have experience. If I am doing something wrong I am gladly open to corrections and suggestions.


My interpretation of the results: the presence of allergy does not increase the chance of carrying the virus. In other words, allergy is not a risk factor for the presence of the virus.