Arranging the data for a 2-way repeated measures ANOVA (two within-subject factors of interest)

Hi all!

I haven't done statistics in a while so I decided to seek help on here just in case.

I have a repeated-measures design and want to investigate the effects of time-point (early vs. late) and distance on a scalar dependent variable, so I am planning to run a 2-way repeated measures ANOVA. I am measuring fractional anisotropy of the brain at two time-points (time-point 1 and time-point 2 after stroke). We are also measuring fractional anisotropy at several distances from a site of interest in the brain, so the distances are also a factor of interest (distance 1, distance 2, distance 3).

Can I arrange the data in a wide format by having separate columns for the fractional anisotropy at distance 1, distance 2, distance 3 in columns next to each other and also have another column with 'time-point' as a factor? Would I have to then code time-point into, e.g. 0=first time-point and 1=late time-point a bit as if it was a grouping variable? Is this possible despite the fact that both distance and time-point are measures repeated in the same group of people? I am concerned that entering time-point and coding it could be interpreted by SPSS as a between-subjects factor while in fact I have a repeated measures design with 2 within-subject factors of interest.

So this part confuses me a bit in the SPSS videos I watch - how to arrange/enter the data in SPSS. It would be very useful if someone could provide advice on how to arrange the data before running the analysis.

Thank you very much :)