[ASK] About Table and Chart

I want to ask something. There are tables which do not contain any number. The one I want to ask is what is the term for a table which doesn't contain any number? At first I intended to refer to it as qualitative table, mirroring that tables which contain numbers are called as quantitative table. But when I think about it, if there is a table of animal classifications, is it really a qualitative table? So, what is the math term for those kinds of table?

I've read that data can be divided into 4 types regarding their scales: Nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. It is stated that nominal data distinguishes an object / event from another ones based on their kinds, e.g. : Male / Female, Village / City. So, can we call animal classification table as nominal table instead of qualitative table? Is either of them a mathematics formal term? I have the difficulty going with qualitative table because I plan to include some alphabet table, like Arabic letters: How to write it in various places (they are determined by their positions), how to pronounce, how to spell in alphabet, etc. Can that kind of table even be referred as qualitative?

Another question. There are some kinds of charts, namely line chart, stem and leaf plot, box plot, pictogram, bar chart, and pie chart. Each of them will be made into a sub-chapter in a chapter titled "Learning the Forms of Charts". Can some of those six sub-chapters be merged so the chapter will be more simplified? Like if a type of chart is a sub-type of the other ones. Thanks for your help.


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Were you the person who was writing books? Is this for a section of a book or will it be in a research paper?

How about non-quantitative tables? I did not follow you alphabet part?? In print, I just call them by there ordering title: Table 1; Table A; Table I, etc.

Your description was a little fuzzy on what the end goal is here.