Assignment on Gender Pay Gap

Hi together,

I am currently working on an assignment for the preparation for my upcoming university degree. While it is by far not the main focus of the study there is a part of statistics in there, which I am struggling with. I have already tried to educate myself in the basics of statistics in the last days, but am I bit confused with what kind of tools to use to solve this problem.

The assignment is about an organisation that wants to find out if there is an adjusted and unadjusted gender pay gap amongst their employees. With that comes an excel sheet presenting details about a few hundred of their employees stating their:

Job title
Performance evaluation 1-5
Seniority 1-5

I am a bit lost regarding how to get started with this. Maybe somebody would be so kind to give a tip?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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I would start by conducting some descriptive stat for each variable to understand its distribution and values. Next some exploratory bivariate comparisons correlograms. Lastly, they likely want you to run a multiple linear regression model.