associations and correlation VS Group differences

Hello to all Talk Stats members!
I would really appreciate your help on an issue that's really troubling me...
In a previous post of mine I talked about the following likert type question I have in my questionnaire;
"How would you evaluate new technologies in your life?" (1: entirely negative - 5: entirely positive" (dependent variable)
Now, I also have some independent variables; e.g. gender, years of service, attendance of any courses related to new technologies, place of residence, etc.

I had taken the decision to use a Mann-Whitney U test (for 2 groups in my independent variable) and a Kruskal Wallis H test (for more than 2 groups in my independent variable).
However, a few hours ago I realized that there is a difference between study designs. The tests I chose "belong" to the "group differences" study design, but there is another study design about "associations and correlation". If I choose the latter, the test I am supposed to do is "ordinal regression".

As my knowledge in statistics are very moderate, please, could someone inform me about the difference between those two study designs? Which one should I choose? In a way they seem the same to me from the little I could find on the internet.

I hope my question is not very complicated! I am very grateful for any help!!!


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