Average Hours

We have the following data and we need to find average hours it takes to complete one item in CNC

Item Quantity HOurs Applied Dept
A 1 1.70 CNC
A 16 4.70 CNC

So how do we find the average applied hours/unit for Item A in CNC

Thanks for the Rely Davellll

But what do you mean when you say 0.38(2d.p).

As i told the number of hours it takes when we make 17 item A in a single batch is less than making item A 17 times individually. Given this is there any way that we could factor in this time difference caused due to mass production so that we could get the actual average hours for item A

Please help
(2 d.p.) means rounded to 2 decimal places .

I think you may have to include additional factors such as how long it takes to set up the machinery?? (i don't know what CNC is). You'll have to explain why 1 takes longer on its own and many items in one batch take a shorter time on average. It maybe that making 1 item on its own takes the same time -it's the setting up of machinery etc that takes the time.

Hope this helps