Bar graph showing difference of means

Is there a way to create a bar graph, with multiple DVs, showing the difference between the means of the IV? I have two experimental conditions and would like to display the mean differences in one bar graph. The dependent variables are several different test scores and therefore each have a different scale which is why I thought that by displaying only the mean difference I may be able to put this in one bar graph. Any help is appreciated.


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Is there a way? Of course!

How you do it will depend on your data and the software you are using. If you provide a bit more info on these two later points, someone will be able to help you.


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I do not use SPSS, but this appears to be a straightforward exercise.

My advice would be to look at some or one of the endless number tutorials
on side by side barcharts or mean and error plots.
I looked through the threads, but I couldn't find anything about how to deal with tests that are scaled differently. I thought that maybe using the mean difference would help standardized for a graph. Thank you, though!
The easiest way that I know of would be to use excel. By using the merge and centre tool you can bind all your data to your DV's.
Here's an example from my current project.