Basic Animal behavior study

Hi, I undertook this research project for a class the other day, and now I'm stumped as to what stats to use on the results. tests involved 9 mice and a Y-Maze. The mice were familiarised with the Y maze on day 1 and it was noted which arm of the maze they preferred. then on day two each mouse was trained to associate each arm with a specific resource, A or B (associations were randomly assigned, but kept constant to specific mice for the whole experiment). On day 3 each mouse was put into the maze and their food preference along with the side the food was located in was recorded. This was repeated 4 days over day 3. I think that just about covers it all.....

Basically I''m looking to see if food preference is stat significant, along with the confounding factor of side preference. Any help you could give would be great. For some reason I'm thinking two-way ANOVA, but i'm not sure if that's what I want.

Anyway, thanks

Jacob, another confused student.....
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