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Help. I got stuck in my stat reviewer, kindly help me.
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1. A vaccine that is currently used to immunize people against a certain infection has an 80% success rate.That is, 80% of individuals who receive this vaccine will develop immunity against the infection.A manufacturer of the new vaccine claims that its vaccine has a higher success rate.

a. define the parameter of interest

b. suppose in a clinical trial 200 people received the new vaccine. Of these, 172 became immune to the infection. Based on this, can we say that the new vaccine is indeed more effective than the current one? Test at 5% significance level and state your conclusion in the current problem.

c. In making the above conclusion, which type of errorare you risking, type I or type II?

d.What are the assumptions that must be satisfied to validate the above conclusions? Evaluate whether or not these assumptions are satisfied in this problem.

2. A tire manufacturer claims that its tire will last no less than an average of 50,000 km before thay need to be replaced. A consumer group wishes to challenge this claim.

a. clearly define the parameter of interest in this problem

b. state Ho and Ha in this parameter.

c. in the context of the problem, state what it means to make a type I and type II error.

d. suppose we set the significance level of the test at 10%, what does this number mean?


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