Batch Forecast Multiple SKU's - Help


I am new to R and ran a few tutorials on how to run a forecast for 1 SKU. I have also read this:

It's not much help though.

What if you have 1,000 SKU's to forecast each on its own row with the months in the columns. Like this:
SKU  Month 18, Month 17, Month 16 -> Current Month
A        100        200          50
B        170        23            75
C        140        0             50
D        250        300          500
Is there anyway to have R run through all the SKU's and provide a forecast for each SKU in 1 page to put back to excel and share?


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How do you want to do the forecast in the first place? If you only had a single SKU how would you do the forecast?
In the book that I followed (Data Smart) he had a sword forecasting tutorial. The data was oriented opposite of mine where the 1 column had the months and the other had the quantity.

So: Month | Qty

I dropped my data in it for 1 SKU and ran it just fine. The code was super simple:

>sword <- read.csv("SwordDemand.csv")
>sword.ts <-(sword,frequency=12,start=c(2010,1))
>sword.forecast <- forecaast(sword.ts)