Benefits of a B.A in Statistics for everyday life?

Do you feel there is anything a statistics degree at the B.A level offers that helps one see and understand things more about everyday life, be it finances , healthcare etc.?

If so, how?
Good question. I don't have a degree in statistics so I couldn't give you any advice from personal experience. However, I would guess that there have to be at least SOME jobs for someone with a bachelor's in statistics IF they have a good amount of experience with key software programs that are in wide use (SQL, SAS, Excel come to mind).

With that said, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a Master's degree as the entry-level education required for a job title of "Statistician".

And says:

  • Having earned a degree in statistics does not necessarily lead to jobs with statistician profiles
  • Most statistician jobs require no fewer qualifications a master’s degree in mathematics of statistics.
Try checking out job postings. You sound like you may be in between high school and college. I can't encourage the practice of searching job listings strongly enough. It helps you to get an idea of (1) what job titles companies are hiring people for, and (2) what education/work experience is generally required of people applying for those job titles.

If you don't keep one eye on the job market as you get your education, you may end up ambling along through a bachelor's, even a graduate degree, without obtaining any marketable skills.

It's easy to assume that if they teach it in college, it must be because there is someone out there who will pay you to know it. But that simply isn't true for many (most?) things you learn in college.