Best casual Barnes and Noble Statistics book for an adult (Not a pure textbook)

Anyone know of a good "Barnes and Noble" caliber book for an adult to learn some basic stats concepts? Not a purely academic textbook.

  • Survey/Experiment design
  • Correlation/causation
  • Normal distrib. Z-score
  • Regression
  • Hypothesis Testing, p-value, null hypth, etc.


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I have seen that one at the store, but have not read it. Given its price and table of contents it seems like a good fit.
I've read Naked Statistics. It assumes no prior knowledge of the topic. It doesn't have much in the way of formulas, but it does a good job of introducing basic probability, the central limit theorem, regression etc. There are simple but interesting applications as well. If nothing else, it motivates the reader to delve deeper into stats. I enjoyed it even after having studied a good amount of statistics. My favorite chapter discusses the famous Monty Hall problem.
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