Best regression model for these data

I am working on a project aimed at investigating the relationship between cognitive ability and financial risk preferences in younger and older adults.
In the experiment participants took part in a gamble where they were given £10 and had to decide which part (X) of this endowment they wanted to bet (10). The lottery consisted of equal probabilities of winning three times the amount bet or losing it. The amount invested was then used as the measure of risk preferences.
Now, I would like to run a regression model (the same run separately for younger and older adults) where the dependent variable is risk preferences measured as the amount of money invested in the lottery (between £0 and £10) and the predictors are cognitive ability (continuous variable), emotional ability (continuous variable), gender (dichotomous variable), schooling (ordinal variable) and income( ordinal variable).
Since risk preferences can only assume values between 0 and 10 and there are lots of 0s and 10s, I am not sure which is the best regression model to use and fit the data. An ordered probit? A zero-infleted model? Can you give me any suggestions?