Best Statistical Test for small sample size

I am looking at changes in endotracheal tube cuff pressures pre and post subglottic suctioning. I have pre and post data for four different initial cuff pressures.

So since I only really have eight values, is there a statistical test I can run to validate my data? Thanks in advance.


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So you have one single cuff, you inflate to different levels (4) and have pre and post values. Please state your actual research question. Are you trying to compare these differences (between inflation groups)? Even without this information, I can tell you are going to come into many hindrances with your study. Statistics are typically employed in samples from a population. You seem to only have a single person, preventing the calculation of parameters.

Side quesiton, are these on the same patient? Or were you using a simulation lab? If you are using a simulator, there may be some hope, otherwise you may be looking at needing to reconduct the experiment on more people, since currently you have a case report with possibly very limited external validity.