Best way to analyze time 1/time 2 data??

Hi There! I was hoping to get some input on the best way to test some data that I have collected (using SPSS).

In short, respondents make an evaluation at time 1, then complete a distractor task, and then complete an evaluation at time 2 (DV is a 1-7 scale). It is a 2x2 between subjects design where 2 variables are manipulated at time 2. There are likely several ways to approach this, but do you all have any suggestions for what may work best to analyze the differences between means at time 1 and time 2? And I suppose it is technically a repeated measures design, as respondents make 2 evaluations each.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! Thanks...


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Define the dependent variable as

Y = Score After Task - Score Before Task,

then regress this variable on all other relevant variables... Yes, technically, this a repeated measures design but you do not have to exploit any special methods because there are only 2 repeated measurements.