Binary Logistic Regression Output missing some Sig values

I am running a Binary Logistic Regression on:

- A numeric Fixed Factor as the dependent variable (two levels)

- 3 numeric Fixed Factors as independent variables (two levels each)

- 6 numeric Covariates as independent variables

On my output, the Likelihood Ratio Tests table gives me Sig. values for the 3 fixed factors and 1 covariate, but does not give me Sig. values for the 5 other covariates. There is just a '.' in the column. Any idea why?

I am running SPSS version 22 on Windows 7 64-bit.

This is a description file of the data set:

Sorry, but this is for a class I have which is not really related to my field :/ I don't know what you're really asking. If you can tell me exactly what I need to look for, that would be great!