Binomial distribution ! Need help!


plz tell me if method to solve these question is correct or not!

q)In a call centre 180 calls are received at random over a period of 12 hours. The chances of receiving a call is 1/3. Then the probability to receive calls between 50 to 70 is:
a. 0.89
b. 0.06
c. .95
d. 0

ANS :: BINOM.DIST(70,180,.33,TRUE) -BINOM.DIST(50,180,.33,TRUE) IN MSEXCEL.:wave:

Q)A sample contains 1000 pieces and chances that a piece is defective in the sample is 0.2. The probability of seeing more than 200 defective piece is
a. 0.03
b. 0.52
c. 0.48
d. Cannot be calc

ANS:: 1-=BINOM.DIST(200,1000,0.2,TRUE) IN MSEXCEL :wave:

Thanks in advance!!