Binomial Distribution Problem


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Hi I have a question about binomial distribution/probability. The question is:

Below are data on the fertility of eggs from a strain of Drosophilia. 10 eggs were placed in each of 100 vials with the eggs in different vials coming from different females. All eggs either hatched or died. Is the mortality of eggs independent of one another?

Sorry the table looks weird I tried to separate the numbers so they weren't all clumped together.

~~~~ # vials
0~~~~ 1
1~~~~ 3
2 ~~~~ 8
3~~~~ 10
4~~~~ 6
5 ~~~~ 15
6 ~~~~ 14
7 ~~~~ 12
8~~~~ 13
9 ~~~~ 9
10 ~~~~ 9

I've found the probability of success (hatching)= 0.591 so probability of not hatching is 0.401 but I don't know how to calculate probability for each number of eggs/use the binomial distribution for this because I'm getting confused with what to use for "n" and how if the number of vials observed in does anything to it.
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so, do you want to know if mortality is independent between vials, within vials, or do you want to make predictions? It's not clear to me yet how these are binomial data. Can you help explain?