Binomial Probability of Remaining Trials at a different X value

I am trying to find the binomial probability of the remaining trials in a binomial probability at a different probability of success on the leftover trials.
My example:
Number of Trials 6
Number of Successes 2
Prob of success on one trial: 75.8%
Binomial probability output: 2.95%

Out of my remaining 4 failed trials (6 total trials - 2 number of successes):
Number of trials 4
Number of successes 1
Prob of success on one trial: 69.15%
Binomial Probability output:27.31%

On the remaining four trials, is it valid to assume the binomial probability is now out of four? or should it be out of the total 6?
Out of the total 6 trials, 1 success at the 69.15% prob success on one trial, the binomial probability output is 6.5%. Is this more accurate? or is all of this wrong?