Binomial Problem: Help!!

Hey all, so I've been trying to understand this binomial problem for the last couple hours and its just not happening. Here's the problem:

A sample of 12 were chosen at random (one at a time) from a large population of people in which 80% favor capital punishment.

(A) Determine the probability that at least 2 people in the sample favor capital punishment.
(I think I understand this, P(X>2)=1-P(x<1) with p=.8 and n=12)

(B) How many people that favor the capital punishment do you expect to see from a sample of 12 people?
(I think its n*p, but the professor marked 12*.8 incorrect as an answer)

(C) The first person favoring the capital punishment is selected at 3rd selection.
(I think this is permutation but have no idea what to do)

Any help would be much appreciated