Bonferroni correction for bivariate correlation

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First of all my level of stats knowledge is fairly basic! I am currently running multiple bivariate correlations on data from a number of self report questionnaires. This has resulted in many significant correlations, and my supervisor has suggested I use the Bonferroni correction to limit this. However, I can't seem to find an option for this when performing the correlations in SPSS? I can only find guidance on using this as post-hoc test for an ANOVA/MANOVA. Any help with this would be great!


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Have you already done a web search for Bonferroni correction,
e.g. using wikipedia? After that, you'll need a pocket calculator
or paper & a pencil.

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Also look at “Bonferroni Holm”. Then you will need a pencil and a little more paper.
(And explain it to your supervisor. It will be great news for him. (It is a he isn't it?))