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If your background is mathematics only, you can start with the following two books:

1] Ross, S. M. (2012). A First Course in Probability (9th ed). Pearson Education Limited. - Introductory probability theory.

2] Freedman, D., Pisani, R., & Purves, R. (2007). Statistics (4th ed). New York: W. W. Norton & Company. - Introductory statistics.

If you decide to deepen your knowledge, this relatively concise and non-repetitive literature list on statistics, probability and their applications may help (read just the 2nd half of the linked page, called "Textbooks for independent study"; l you do not have to read the rest).


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If you are also looking for a general entry-level book, I have been recommending,

The Art of Statistics, by Don Spielhalter.

It introduces fundamentals such as bias-variance tradeoff, models, estimates, multiple comparisons and Bayesian analyses. It also includes anecdotal examples and references to frame the concepts.
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