Boxplots: Display variable "name" instead of case numbers?

Hi everyone,

I am still new to SPSS and slowly getting to grips with it. At the moment, I am trying to create box-plots to visually identify extreme values in my distribution.

I have managed to get the box-plots how I want them, except for one detail: It is currently identifying the extreme values by their case number. This appears to be system generated, it is not in my data.

Instead of the case number, I would like to display the name (this is a variable in my data set).

So imagine the following data structure:

Name - Height
Adam - 1.75m
Boris - 1.81m
Carl - 1.88m
John - 2.11m

Assume John is an extreme value in the distribution and flagged by SPSS as such. In the box plot, I would like SPSS to display "John" next to the relevant data point.

Is this possible, and if yes how can I achieve it? I have tried my luck in changing a few things in the chart syntax but keep getting errors - probably because I am just guessing in the dark.

EDIT: By the way, I have come across the same problem under "Explore" now when I return the five highest and lowest values, they are again identified by case number :(

Any help on this will be much appreciated.

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For Explore and the legacy dialogs for boxplots you need to add 'name' to the 'Label Cases by' field. If you are using the chart builder you need to select the 'Group/Points ID' tab, check the 'Point ID label' option, and drag 'name' across to the Point ID field that appears after you check the box.