Calculating chi-squared statistic in Excel


I've carried out a chi-squared test on the following observed and expected values using the CHISQ.TEST function in Excel:

Observed: 176, 1, 3, 5, 15
Expected: 77.92, 2.08, 2.08, 8.75, 109.17
This gives me the p-value, but I'm told I also need to report the "chi-squared statistic". Does anyone know how to calculate this in Excel?




Omega Contributor
If you hover over the pvalue cell does it tell you where the test statistic cell is? If not you can look it up quickly if you have the degrees of freedom and exact pvalue or create a formula for it.
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have only a tablet, and I can't simulate hovering. However, I've just come across this on the Web:

Chi-squared test statistic = sum of ((O - E)^2)/E for each pair of observed and expected values.​

Does that sound right?