calculating confidence interval bands for a normal probability plot


I am producing a normal distribution probability plot, and I have a few questions related to confidence interval.

An example of the plot I am creating can be found here:

Calculated based on the methods described here:

Note that the y axis is a standard linear axis, not a percentile scaled axis.

I want to plot ci bands on the chart as well, but I am a little lost as to where to start. (example: )
I am writing the calculations myself, not using a stats package.

Some questions:
1) Does a standard approach for this form of probability plot (as opposed to the more common percentile-scaled y axis form) exist whose terminology I am unaware of?

2) is a confidence interval a confidence interval...or are there various ways of calculated for various purposes? Can someone point me to a straight forward method of calculating for this circumstance?

Sorry for the long and vague post. Any help in this would be appreciated.