calculating % difference

Hi all,
I need your help in solving this problem, my data looks like this
I.D Var1
1 AA
2 AA
3 AA
4 AA
5 AG
6 AA
7 AA
8 AA
I want to catch Var with Different letter and i want to express it percentage difference i.e i got one AG and i want to express its percentage out of 8 observations. May be this is simple task but i am new to SAS can any help me with this.
Thank you very much for your reply, I have eight observations in that only one is different and i want to calculate % difference means like 1 out of 8 like this and i want to apply this to all my 44 vars.


Omega Contributor
So you want to calculate the proportions like I referenced but for 44 variables, then calculate the mean of the proportions, correct?