Calculating mean/sd from Chi squared for power analysis

I am working on a project which utilizes several research articles in my field. The first one does not report means and standard deviations, only chi squared. I want to know if I can calculate the mean/sd from the values I know.
Here is what I know.
x2 = 1.99, df = 1, p > .05

The authors also provide a table with the following information.
Group 1: Variable A = 1, Variable B = 1, Variable C = 4
Group 2: Variable A = 22 Variable B=7, Variable C = 20
Number of subjects (N) = 55, df = 2, p > .05 (not significant)

I am trying to come up with a power analysis for my current project that looks at some of the same variables in this particular article. Is it possible to calculate power analysis from Chi squared? I just dont know where to begin, or even if my question is possible. Thank you.
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