Calculation of Sample Size for one-way ANOVA


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Hello, I have problem of calculating sample size for one-way ANOVA. My settings is the following:

Population size = 100
Controlled group = 1 group
Treatment group = 2 groups
Power = 0.8
Alpha = 0.05
Group allocation ratio: All groups have the same sample size
standard deviation of data: 0.25 (assume)
standard deviation of means: 0.15 (assume)

I have tried to use software (PASS: to determine the appropriate sample size. I chose One-way ANOVA F-test from the menu and input the above parameters. I got the following results

Numeric Results
Power n G N std of mean(σm) std (σ) effect size Alpha
0.8004 10.00 3 30 0.15 0.25 0.6000 0.0500

My question is how this 10 sample size per group is calculated. Getting result is good , but it would be better if i can get explanations.

Thank you in advance