Calculator, anyone?

Hey everyone,

What is everyone's calculator of choice?

I exclusively use HP calculators, but realized yesterday I am the only one in my class using one!

I am enrolled in Statistics next semester.

Are there are any calculators that are considered the standard for statistics and probability courses? Obviously, no one should rely on a calculator as a crutch.



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I used a TI-84 silver in high school and a TI-89 in undergrad. They're alright (but extremely overpriced). I really have no opinion on the matter though. For my PhD written prelim we were allowed the use of something similar to this guy. If you're worried about it you could always ask your professor if they have a recommendation. I wouldn't say there is a standard since most people don't actually do the calculations by hand and instead rely on software or program the calculations themselves using a computer.


I used the TI84 silver in my initial stats classes but soon needed heavier duty computational power and couldn't even tell you where it's at right now.


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Upon further reflection I really do advise you to check with your future professor. There is a wide range of opinions on the topic that go from "No calculators allowed at all during exams" to "use whatever the hell you want I don't care". It wouldn't be good to buy a really expensive calculator to find out that you really can't use it or don't even need it for the course.


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Side note, I started just leaving R pulled up on my computer to use as a calculator, I dig it.