Calling out for SPSS help - interpreting and reporting results

Hi everyone,

I am embarking on a health psychology masters and the first module is Quantitative Methods. It has been a very long time since I completed my undergrad degree, and even then, I hugely struggled with SPSS. I have spent the last few weeks immersing myself in SPSS (books, YouTube clips, online tutorials etc) and still feel absolutely lost with it all; in fact, even more confused than I did to start with. I was wondering if I could contact anyone who might be able to help me with the assignments I have been given, and shed some light please?

Unfortunately, I am unable to meet with the tutor of this module one-to-one as it is a long distance course. I have invested so much into doing this degree and I am really panicking about how to get through this module without the help of someone to guide me a bit more. I am happy to pay someone also.

I think I have identified the correct tests to use for each of the assignment questions (linear regression, multiple regression and MANOVA), and have ran the tests as I think I should have, but am struggling to report the results and interpret them correctly in APA style. I also have some work related to factor analysis which I am yet to look at.

Sorry to post such a desperate plea, but if anyone thinks they might be able to offer some help, I would hugely appreciate that.