Can anybody help me choose a non parametric test? I have 3 samples of slightly different sizes (32, 33, 35)

I am comparing disease risk scores (non normal data) within the range of antelope which changes during
1.Summer 2.Spring and 3.Winter (my 3 samples)

The antelope are in different counties during each season. 32 counties in summer , 33 in spring and 35 in winter (My sample sizes) . Each county has a score based on disease risk. I am comparing these scores.

Now looking into a test called Skillings.Mack. Know anything about this? Or any other tests I could use?/ ways of solving this problem.

Thanks in advance


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How much do the 3 samples overlap, e.g. are the n=32 summer counties all contained in the n=35 sample from winter?

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