can i become statistician with a master in statistics? (different background)

long story short

i am in europe studying finance
will a master in statistics help me cover everything i lack from undergraduate

so i can
1) go actuary
2) take phd in statistics and study insurance and finance
or i will always lack something cause i didnt go statistics in undergrad?

Please answer, thanks a lot


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I would say yes to your questions as long as you know your stuff and do well. I have known multiple "biostatisticians" that came from social sciences. Heck look at lawyers, there is no set undergraduate requisites.


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It depends on what one means by a statistician. In academics probably not. In business I was considered a statistician before I had any formal degree in statistics (including an undergraduate one). The standards of what most outside academics are going to require for a "statistician" and indeed what you will need to do your job are not generally high when set against formal academic requirements.

Note there are exceptions in some industrial, agricultural, or chemical industries for example. But I think those positions are fairly rare.