Can I correlate multiple variables as a whole?


i have 2 questionnaires. The first questionnaire is about anger and contains 34 questions (all questions have 1-4 scale, from never to always). The 2nd questionnaire is about anxiety and contains 20 questions (all questions are in a 1-4 scale, from never to always). I want to correlate anger and anxiety with spearman. But i don't want to correlate every single variable (every single question). I want to correlate anger as a whole with anxiety as a whole. As if they were two variables.
Is there a way to make all anger variables a single variable & all anxiety variables a single variable, to be able to compare these two variables?

Hope for help and sorry for my english.


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You have to decide how you will combine the questions into anger as a whole (how you will combine them). Then combine them and you will have a single variable to correlate against a single variable. How you combine them is not simple. You should look at the literature on doing this.