Can I use ANOVA on Rstudio using a Likert Scale like questionnaire ?

Hello, this is my first post on talkstats so hopefully I make sense.

I am 'Comparing Interactive verse non-interaction education displays of Insect and Reptile and Amphibian Conservation'. I handed out a questionnaire to three different groups; a control, a group that was part of the interactive display, and a group part of the non interactive display. I used a questionnaire similar to Likert Scale seen below:

1. The conservation of reptiles and amphibians impacts my life.
Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree No Opinion Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
1 2 3 4 5

I had 10 questions based on this style. The null hypothesis for this study is, ‘There is no difference in guest learning between interactive and non-interactive displays’.

I got 10 surveys back from the non-interactive, 16 back from the interactive, and 62 back from the control group. I have all my data but I do not know how to analyze it. I want to use ANOVA using R studio and have used R many time before. I just do not know what and how to plug in my results into excel.

For example: For the control group with 62 results. Do I just take all 62 responses for question 1, add up the scores using the numerical values and divide by 62 to get the average. I proceed to do this for every question on the others surveys. Than do I add this to excel and if so, do I just say question 1, average answer in 3 and do this for all 10 questions?

I am very lost, and new to this. I am just a zookeeper trying to see what educational practices work the best.

Please help, hopefully I was clear enough.