Can i use one sample t-test?


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Hi all
Currently im doing a research to see how effective my results as compared to the mean value and standard deviation of previous study.
Previous study had compared 2 different group using special tool, whereby 1group received the original material and the other group received the simplified material. Now im planning to produce a simplified material in my languange and would like to see how effective the newly developed simplified version in my languange as compared to the previous study's simplified version using the same tool...
So can i use t-test?or i can only describe the difference between my study and previous study?


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If the preicviuos study reported mean, standard deviation, and sample size of the reference group, then you could use that information and compare you own data with the previous data using a t-test for independent groups.

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You will need to keep in mind differences between the samples and how they were conducted when trying to interpret your results.

Also, you may need to keep in mind that the other study could have had a skewed distribution, but used a parametric test when it may not have been ideal.