Can someone help me to answer in my research homework

I am studying a basic research course and making an assumed research project. The sample size I used is 120 people calculated by using a conservative ratio of ten observations for each independent variable through multiple regression analysis. I have 12 independent variables.

However, my teacher asks me "How many sets of questionnaire will be distributed if I need to have a minimum required sample size of 120?" I am not sure if there is some formula should be used.

For more information, I use convenience sampling technique and there are 3 places to distribute the questionnaire. Can someone please help me to answer the above question. Thank you very much.


Omega Contributor
Do you know anything about the population you are sampling that would affect their response rate? Typically in research you solicit at least 10% more than you need to address non-respondents and loss-to-follow-up, but you need to take your personal population into consideration and their incentives for completion. Is there information that you are not providing?