Can someone help me with finding the P-Values for these problems?

I have a test tomorrow and am not understanding this section very well. I need help on two problems if someone can explain how to do them! Pleaseeee! I have the answers but i want to understand HOW to do them. Obviously i don't expect anyone to do both problems for me. I know that's asking a lot.

1) A recent study showed that 53% of college applications were submitted online. Assume that this result is based on a simple random sample of 1000 college applications, of which 530 were submitted online. Use a 0.01 signifigance level to test the claim that among all college applications the percentage submitted online is equal to 50%.
a) what is the test statistic?
b) what are the critical values?
c)What is the P-Value?

2) clinical trials involved treating flu patients with Tamiflu. Among 724 patients treated with Tamiflu, 72 experienced nausea as an adverse reaction. Use a .05 significance level to test the claim that the rate of nausea is greater than 6% rate experienced by flu patients given a placebo.

On this one ^ can ya'll explain how to find the p-value. I figured out the z-score (4.41) but i'm not sure where to go from there.