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please help me with statistical analysis for my thesis project.

The aim of the research is to understand which media- internet, interpersonal sources (friends), print sources ( books, magazines) or retail sources consumers consult prior to purchase.

I have several independent variables- 1. knowledge of the consumer measured by 2 questions, 2. age, 3. education- measured as number of years of school completed, 4. information quality of the channel measured as understandability of information (3 questions) reliability of information (3 questions), relevance of information (2 questions), usefulness of information (two questions) and 5. seach convenience (2 questions).

There are multiple dependent variables - 4 media that are mentioned above. Every variable except the age and education is measured on the Likert scale.

The aim is to prove 5 hypothesis: Prior knowledge, age, education, information quality and search convenince has an impact the information source selected.

The problem is that I have multiple dependent variables, could you please help how to best prove the hypothesis using SPSS ( shall I do separate regressions for every dependent variable?). Also independent variables are measured by many questions. How is it than possible to see the impact of independent variable on the dependent variable?

Thank you very much for your response!!! I really need help
Multinomial regression

You could use multinomial regression

Dependent Variable - medium Consulted

Independent variables - All the ones listed.

I am not an expert but myself a student would request you to get a second opinion.