Cant find the right test for my dissertation. Please Help!!

Hi i am currently at the end of a summer break and am starting my final year at university within the next few weeks. The title of my dissertation is "The effects of sleep deprivation on aerobic performance". I will have two conditions, "aerobic performance after a good nights sleep" and "aerobic performance after 36 hours of sleep deprivation". I arent sure what sort of statistical test i would need to use to make a comparison between the two sets of data i will recieve. I have looked at websites and have the names of plently of tests (spearman rho, one tailed, two tailed etc) and cant seem to find one that would suit my study. I wont actually do my study until the beginning of next year but would love to get a head start on it if possible. My hypothesis states that "sleep deprivation will have a detrimental effect upon aerobic performance". Any help would be greatly appreciated, if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance. Alex
You would have to take the mean of your performace measure of case 1 and mean of the performance measure of case 2 and compare them to see if they are significantly different i.e Is the variation significantly greater than what can be explained by noise.
Ho: mean 1= mean 2
H1: not H0.

depending on the sample size i would do either a z or a t test .
A t-test is correct, but the type of t-test you use is dependent on whether or not you are sampling the same group of individuals (i.e., between- or within-subjects design)

For example:

One group (n=10) for sleep deprivation and group two (n=10) for no sleep deprivation (independent samples)


One group (N=10) tested at two separate occasions...once with full sleep and then again after sleep deprivation (paired samples)