Capture sums, not means, from individual iterations in a Monte Carlo simulation

I am having difficulty setting up what should be a fairly straightforward application of the Monte Carlo Simulation function in SPSS 21. I have a dataset that includes hospitalization costs for a specific patient population. I set up a simulation that randomly selects a subset of cases based on various parameters and ran a probalistic sensitivity analysis without much difficulty.

The problem is that I am not really interested in the variance in mean values of individual cases, I am trying to capture the sum of my transformed cost variable for each iteration.

In the Graphboard Editor, even if I change the settings for the Probability Density or Cumulative Distribution graphs so that they list sum or cumulative sum rather than count or mean, I cannot get the display to adjust accordingly. I would like to generate a graph that displays the sum of my target variable plotted as a point for each iteration. Unfortunately I have tried every combination of the available options in the Simulation Builder to no avail.

Any suggestions?