Career as statistician vs software engineer?


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I graduated with a physics and math BS but I'm now considering a career in statistics/data science. I took 2 courses in probability theory and applied stats a few years ago, but forgot alot of it. I also heard statistics uses linear algebra alot. I always liked linear algebra and differential equations, which I felt programming really lacked. However, I did not like proof-based math courses like real analysis

Do statisticians have to spend alot of their time outside of work working on personal projects to keep their skills active and learn new languages, like how programmers have to? I value my free time alot and want to have a decent work/life balance

I'm already aware that most statistician positions require at least an MS degree. Would you say a career in software engineering or statistics is better based on factors like salary, ease of getting job, likelihood of outsourcing, etc?

Since getting actual work experience is the best way to see if you like a career, but you can't work as a statistician unless you have an MS, how can I get a feel to see if it's worth transferring to an MS Stats program?
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