Case Control Matching in SPSS

I have a database of 1500 patients of whom 70 patients suffered a complication to surgery. I would like to make som heavy analysis on these patients matched with some controls (the analysis is quantitative on CAT-scans and takes a lot of work/time on each patient, so simply just analyze all 1500 patients is not really an option).

We would like to match the cases (complication) with controls (no complication). Im thinking 1:3 ratio.

An resume of my database (All patients are in the same datasheet):

Complication: 0 (no) / 1 (yes)
Sex: 0(female) / 1 (male)

I use SPSS V 25. Python ad-onn and fuzzy add-on ARE installed.

Ive searched the internet for a guide or an instruction video without any luck.

My problem is this:

I get no error when i run the case control matching in SPSS (i do not do it in the syntax), but nothing seems to happen. I would have thought to get a new variable with an ID for the match, so i could tell which patients were matched to the cases. It might be a simple problem? Anyone have any idea?

I have tried to summarize all i thought important to answer the question. Please bear with me, if anything obvious should have been mentioned.