Categorical IVs & Repeated Measures


My variables are:
IV #1 (CATEGORICAL)= Risk Factors (high and low)
IV #2 (CATEGORICAL)= Protective Factors (high and low)
Mediator (CONTINUOUS) = Affect/Emotion (1 to 5)
DV (CONTINUOUS) = Risk Rating (1 to 5)

My first hypothesis: is that affect mediates the relationship between risk factors and protective factors on risk rating, and I was going to use a hierarchical regression for this.

My second hypothesis: is that risk factors are more important than protective factors when making decisions about risk, and I was going to do a 2x2 repeated measures factorial ANOVA.

My problem is I don't know how to input the data into SPSS. Basically every participant have been given the the same four profiles of people and have been asked to give each person in the profile a risk rating, and these profiles have different combinations of risk and protective factors:

Risk Factors High/Protective Factors Low
Risk Factors Low/Protective Factors High
Risk Factors High/Protective Factors High
Risk Factors Low/Protective Factors Low

How can I input the data into SPSS so I can conduct the analyses? I have tried doing a column for each condition, but when I do the analyses it says that because the IVs have constant values it won't do it, i've dummy coded the IVs.

Any help would be appreciated!