Changing Cell and getting Others to Follow

I am using OpenOffice Calc currently.

I have noticed that I can create a formula in a cell, then click on the bottom right corner where there is a small black box, and drag it to the right several columns, and allow it to calculate, and then can click on the small black box in the corner and drag it down several cells and have it extend the formula there.

In my spreadsheet I have many columns and thousands of rows. Is there any way to get it to extend a formula to all of this data without my having to manually drag it down several thousand columns each time I make a change?


Mike White

TS Contributor
To copy a formula to other cells in the same row, right click the cell and select copy, then hold the SHIFT key down and click on the last cell in the row where you want the formula to be copied to. Then right click in the selected cells and click paste.

To copy a row of cells to the rows below, select the row by clicking on the first cell then hold down the SHIFT key and click the last cell. Right click the selected cells and click copy. Then hold the SHIFT key down again and click the cell at the end of the last row you want to copy to. This will then select a block of cells. Right click in the block and click paste.