Chat on Slack


Ambassador to the humans
Hi everybody. I started up a slack team for talkstats so we could have a nice way to chat with each other. If you don't know what slack is then google is your friend but basically it's a nice chat client with a web interface, desktop apps, and apps for all mobile devices. There has just been a select few of the "old-timers" that have been invited so far but now I think we'll open it up to (almost) anybody and see how that goes.

Slack is not and will not be a replacement for the site itself so if you have actual questions those are best still posted as actual threads. But if you want to interact with the community and have opinions on things like if bots or raptors are superior (obviously bots > raptors) then send me a PM with the email address you'd like to use for slack and I'll send you an invite. We do talk about stats related stuff too but anything that gets a decent discussion going we try to siphon off into an actual thread on the site.

I did say this was open to (almost) anybody and what that means is that if you just signed up for talkstats today I probably won't send an invite. We want to see at least a tiny bit of commitment to the community. The unwritten rule that I guess won't be unwritten but is just a flexible guideline is something like 5 posts in at least 2 threads and account older than 1 day.