Chi Square help!

ok, so in our experiment, we planted peanuts using four different methods. We recorded how many peanuts were eaten by squirrels for each of the 4 methods.
I have 35 observations for each of the 4 methods, resulting in a total sample size of 140.

My questions are:

Compare the number of peanuts removed from each treatment using the Chi Square test

a) is there a difference among treatments in the number of nuts eaten
b)which treatments are significantly different?

can someone tell me which chi-square test to use? independence? goodness of fit? and i have no idea how to do part B, i thought post-hoc tests were only for ANOVA's? any help is greatly appreciated.

I attempted this using a Chi Square Test of Independence and got an insignificant Chi Square value. Is this the correct test to use? If so, how can I further check what groups are significantly different from one another?